Who we care for


Doctor Allen is certified in Webster technique, which analyzes and corrects for imbalances in the pelvis and the surrounding ligaments. This can allow for an easier, more efficient pregnancy. Click here for more information.


Yes, infants and kiddos need adjustments too! One of the very first physical traumas we encounter is the birth process!  

During the first few years of life, essential brain and body changes occur that are crucial to a child’s lifelong growth and development. Through pediatric chiropractic care, a child has the ability to thrive and evolve right from the start.

At Evolution Chiropractic, Dr. Allen has extensive training in pediatric chiropractic care and is able to assess if your child is functioning at their best. Getting your child checked by a chiropractor regularly from birth ensures their system is clear and connected so they can batter adapt to life stressors and develop optimally.

Chiropractic does not treat these issues, but instead improves the bodies’ natural ability to heal and regulate itself by keeping the nervous system functioning at its best. At Evolution Chiropractic, we are trained in pediatric chiropractic care to help your little ones have the best start to life so that they may express their full potential.


Our body reflects our life experiences, many of which remain unintegrated. Evolution Chiropractic offers intentional chiropractic care paired with functional movement based rehabilitation which allows individuals to integrate, heal, and better evolve and adapt to the stress life brings.