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Welcome to Evolution Chiropractic 

For over 20 years Evolution Chiropractic has been serving the Monadnock region helping individuals like you heal from injury, learn more about their minds and body, and evolve into their true potential.  

Evolution Chiropractic is intentional community centered chiropractic.  We take our time, we listen, and we see and feel what's really going on with patterns that you may be holding onto.  

We work with individuals and family's who are ready to take control of their healing journey.  

We empower family's who are looking for a more holistic approach to health and healing and come up with specific care plans to help support you so you can live the best version of your life.  

Evolution Chiropractic has been a staple in the Monadnock Region for over 20 years as Dr. Jeb Thurmond has impacted the lives of so many individuals and families and we are so grateful for his service to the Evolution Chiropractic Community. 

At this time Dr. Matthew Allen will be stepping into the roll as the lead Chiropractor and owner of Evolution Chiropractic and is looking forward to carrying on Dr. Jeb’s legacy and impact.

Dear Friends

As many of you know, I have been travelling back and forth from California over the past three years visiting and caring for my aging parents. My dad passed on Father's Day, 2 years ago. Since then, my mother's health has been failing. In order to be with and care for her during this time, I have made the difficult decision to move my family out to CA indefinitely. I have told some of you already and wanted the rest of you to hear it directly from me.

For now, I am looking at this move as a temporary relocation. I would just make this change: While it may be necessary for me to return periodically, I have no current plans to be in the office on any regular basis after October 9th, 2020. As I am more certain of my future plans I will let you know.

You are important to me. I have been blessed to serve our community since 1994 and you have, collectively and individually, helped me become the clinician I am today. More importantly, you have helped me become better at everything I do outside the office. We have celebrated, mourned, learned, laughed and cried together. We have supported one another. You have fed me, literally and figuratively. I am a better husband, father, son and brother. Because of you, I am a better man. A better person.

As my good friend Roberta used to say, "Be good to yourself."

With love to you.


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  • "Dr Jeb Thurmond listens and reacts to the trauma my body experienced. He offers chiropractic care with respect to the injury he finds. I sometimes feel like I am his only patient as he takes the time to answer questions and addresses my concerns. My health has improved and my activity level increased after becoming a patient. Thanks Dr Jeb you've helped me to keep walking and stay active. Besides being a great Doc-he's a great guy!"
    Susan Moran
  • "Evolution Chiropractor provides excellent and thorough service. I appreciate all the time that was taken to explain things and create a plan for at home exercise. I would definitely recommend. I finally got a good nights sleep!"
    Elizabeth Dragon
  • "I feel safe and cared for at every appointment. I’m always given compassion, support and understanding. I know I’m in good hands"
    Elizabeth Gunnell
  • "I always walk away dumbfounded by Jeb’s attention to detail. Being a body worker for 43 years, I am well aware of whether someone is going the extra distance. Jeb exceeds all my expectations of a chiropractor. He is more informed than any practitioner I have encountered, and more skilled. Jeb uses a variety of modalities to fit the individual person and their treatment. Jeb doesn’t use the same routine: he adapts to each session. I insist all my clients receive a session with him"
    Snow Frye
  • "Jeb has done wonders for a chronic back issue that I've had for years. He's a knowledgeable and very competent chiropractor."
    Dina C
  • "My family has been seeing Dr. Jeb since we moved here six years ago. While my husband and children tend to go when they have injuries, Jeb has helped me work on chronic back issues, joint pain and several injuries. Working with Jeb on a regular basis has made a huge positive difference in my life as I have many more pain free days now, and am able to exercise more consistently. Jeb's friendly, professional demeanor contributes to a pleasant treatment experience. Thank you Dr. Jeb!"
    Kirsten Archibald
  • "Jeb and his team offer a phenomenal service from scheduling an appointment to checking out. They listen to your needs and strive to provide the services necessary to best support your health and well being. They also offer other great ideas and tools for the continued care while at home. Will always return."
    Jennifer W
  • "I am so grateful for Jeb and Evolution Chiropractic. As an athlete, it is imperative that my body remain as healthy as possible. I saw significant improvement in my mobility after just one visit and can't wait to go back for more treatment. Professional, knowledgeable and caring, Jeb has literally changed my every day life for the better."
    Debra Livernois
  • "Two years ago I moved out of the Keene, NH area into central Massachusetts and I still go back to evolution chiropractic for my care. I have a trust of the care I get there and I always am pleased with the results"
    James McFarlane
  • "My left arm was longer than my right and they evened out after a couple of visits. My back pain lessened. I was able to have more control of my pitches."
    - Tom K. pitcher, Keene Swamp Bats

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